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James Ryan, MD
Associate Professor

3333 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Education and Training

Location Degree or Training Specialty Date
University of California, San Francisco Post-Doc Fellow/Scholar Medicine 1991
University of California, San Francisco Residency

Awarded Grants

Project Title Project Number Fiscal Year
Bay Area Hepatitis C Cooperative Research Center U19AI088790 2015
Recent Articles (77)

Vadstrup K, Galsgaard ED, Jensen H, Lanier LL, Ryan JC, Chen SY, Nolan GP, Vester-Andersen MK, Pedersen JS, Gerwien J, Jensen T, Bendtsen F. NKG2D ligand expression in Crohn's disease and NKG2D-dependent stimulation of CD8+ T cell migration. Exp Mol Pathol. 2017 Aug; 103(1):56-70.

Zhang Y, Davis C, Shah S, Hughes D, Ryan JC, Altomare D, Peña MM. IL-33 promotes growth and liver metastasis of colorectal cancer in mice by remodeling the tumor microenvironment and inducing angiogenesis. Mol Carcinog. 2017 Jan; 56(1):272-287.

Cozen ML, Ryan JC, Shen H, Cheung R, Kaplan DE, Pocha C, Brau N, Aytaman A, Schmidt WN, Pedrosa M, Anand BS, Chang KM, Morgan T, Monto A. Improved Survival Among all Interferon-a-Treated Patients in HCV-002, a Veterans Affairs Hepatitis C Cohort of 2211 Patients, Despite Increased Cirrhosis Among Nonresponders. Dig Dis Sci. 2016 Jun; 61(6):1744-56.

Shergill AK, Conners EE, McQuaid KR, Epstein S, Ryan JC, Shah JN, Inadomi J, Somsouk M. Protective association of colonoscopy against proximal and distal colon cancer and patterns in interval cancer. Gastrointest Endosc. 2015 Sep; 82(3):529-37.e1.

Ryan JC, Wu Q, Shoemaker RC. Transcriptomic signatures in whole blood of patients who acquire a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) following an exposure to the marine toxin ciguatoxin. BMC Med Genomics. 2015 Apr 02; 8:15.

Mancia A, Abelli L, Kucklick JR, Rowles TK, Wells RS, Balmer BC, Hohn AA, Baatz JE, Ryan JC. Microarray applications to understand the impact of exposure to environmental contaminants in wild dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Mar Genomics. 2015 Feb; 19:47-57.

Shoemaker RC, House D, Ryan JC. Structural brain abnormalities in patients with inflammatory illness acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings: a volumetric MRI study using NeuroQuant®. Neurotoxicol Teratol. 2014 Sep-Oct; 45:18-26.

Mancia A, Ryan JC, Van Dolah FM, Kucklick JR, Rowles TK, Wells RS, Rosel PE, Hohn AA, Schwacke LH. Machine learning approaches to investigate the impact of PCBs on the transcriptome of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). Mar Environ Res. 2014 Sep; 100:57-67.

Ho EY, Cozen ML, Shen H, Lerrigo R, Trimble E, Ryan JC, Corvera CU, Monto A. Expanded use of aggressive therapies improves survival in early and intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma. HPB (Oxford). 2014 Aug; 16(8):758-67.

Hartigan-O'Connor DJ, Lin D, Ryan JC, Shvachko VA, Cozen ML, Segal MR, Terrault NA, Lanier LL, Manos MM, McCune JM. Monocyte activation by interferon a is associated with failure to achieve a sustained virologic response after treatment for hepatitis C virus infection. J Infect Dis. 2014 May 15; 209(10):1602-12.

Rathburn CK, Sharp NJ, Ryan JC, Neely MG, Cook M, Chapman RW, Burnett LE, Burnett KG. Transcriptomic responses of juvenile Pacific whiteleg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, to hypoxia and hypercapnic hypoxia. Physiol Genomics. 2013 Sep 03; 45(17):794-807.

Cozen ML, Ryan JC, Shen H, Lerrigo R, Yee RM, Sheen E, Wu R, Monto A. Nonresponse to interferon-a based treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection is associated with increased hazard of cirrhosis. PLoS One. 2013; 8(4):e61568.

Yee RM, Lehil MS, Rongey C, Shen H, Cozen ML, Monto A, Ryan JC. Impaired lymphocyte reactivity measured by immune function testing in untransplanted patients with cirrhosis. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2013 Apr; 20(4):526-9.

Mancia A, Ryan JC, Chapman RW, Wu Q, Warr GW, Gulland FM, Van Dolah FM. Health status, infection and disease in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) studied using a canine microarray platform and machine-learning approaches. Dev Comp Immunol. 2012 Apr; 36(4):629-37.

Johnson JG, Morey JS, Neely MG, Ryan JC, Van Dolah FM. Transcriptome remodeling associated with chronological aging in the dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis. Mar Genomics. 2012 Mar; 5:15-25.

Ryan JC. Development of a measure of work motivation for a meta-theory of motivation. Psychol Rep. 2011 Jun; 108(3):743-55.

Shegarfi H, Dai KZ, Daws MR, Ryan JC, Vaage JT, Rolstad B, Naper C. The rat NK cell receptors Ly49s4 and Ly49i4 recognize nonclassical MHC-I molecules on Listeria monocytogenes-infected macrophages. J Leukoc Biol. 2011 Apr; 89(4):617-23.

Shegarfi H, Dai KZ, Inngjerdingen M, Ryan JC, Vaage JT, Rolstad B, Naper C. The activating rat Ly49s5 receptor responds to increased levels of MHC class Ib molecules on Listeria monocytogenes-infected enteric epithelial cells. Eur J Immunol. 2010 Dec; 40(12):3535-43.

Ryan JC, Cross CA, Van Dolah FM. Effects of COX inhibitors on neurodegeneration and survival in mice exposed to the marine neurotoxin domoic acid. Neurosci Lett. 2011 Jan 03; 487(1):83-7.

Ryan JC, Morey JS, Bottein MY, Ramsdell JS, Van Dolah FM. Gene expression profiling in brain of mice exposed to the marine neurotoxin ciguatoxin reveals an acute anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective response. BMC Neurosci. 2010 Aug 26; 11:107.

Shoemaker RC, House D, Ryan JC. Defining the neurotoxin derived illness chronic ciguatera using markers of chronic systemic inflammatory disturbances: a case/control study. Neurotoxicol Teratol. 2010 Nov-Dec; 32(6):633-9.

Li L, Fang CJ, Ryan JC, Niemi EC, Lebrón JA, Björkman PJ, Arase H, Torti FM, Torti SV, Nakamura MC, Seaman WE. Binding and uptake of H-ferritin are mediated by human transferrin receptor-1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Feb 23; 107(8):3505-10.

Shergill AK, Asundi KR, Barr A, Shah JN, Ryan JC, McQuaid KR, Rempel D. Pinch force and forearm-muscle load during routine colonoscopy: a pilot study. Gastrointest Endosc. 2009 Jan; 69(1):142-6.

Maher JJ, Leon P, Ryan JC. Beyond insulin resistance: Innate immunity in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Hepatology. 2008 Aug; 48(2):670-8.

Morey JS, Ryan JC, Bottein Dechraoui MY, Rezvani AH, Levin ED, Gordon CJ, Ramsdell JS, Van Dolah FM. Liver genomic responses to ciguatoxin: evidence for activation of phase I and phase II detoxification pathways following an acute hypothermic response in mice. Toxicol Sci. 2008 Jun; 103(2):298-310.

Twiner MJ, Ryan JC, Morey JS, Smith KJ, Hammad SM, Van Dolah FM, Hess P, McMahon T, Satake M, Yasumoto T, Doucette GJ. Transcriptional profiling and inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis in human T lymphocyte cells by the marine toxin azaspiracid. Genomics. 2008 Mar; 91(3):289-300.

Currie SL, Ryan JC, Tracy D, Wright TL, George S, McQuaid R, Kim M, Shen H, Monto A. A prospective study to examine persistent HCV reinfection in injection drug users who have previously cleared the virus. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2008 Jan 11; 93(1-2):148-54.

Ryan JC, Bottein Dechraoui MY, Morey JS, Rezvani A, Levin ED, Gordon CJ, Ramsdell JS, Van Dolah FM. Transcriptional profiling of whole blood and serum protein analysis of mice exposed to the neurotoxin Pacific Ciguatoxin-1. Neurotoxicology. 2007 Nov; 28(6):1099-109.

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Kveberg L, Bäck CJ, Dai KZ, Inngjerdingen M, Rolstad B, Ryan JC, Vaage JT, Naper C. The novel inhibitory NKR-P1C receptor and Ly49s3 identify two complementary, functionally distinct NK cell subsets in rats. J Immunol. 2006 Apr 01; 176(7):4133-40.

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Kveberg L, Ryan JC, Rolstad B, Inngjerdingen M. Expression of regulator of G protein signalling proteins in natural killer cells, and their modulation by Ly49A and Ly49D. Immunology. 2005 Jul; 115(3):358-65.

Naper C, Dai KZ, Kveberg L, Rolstad B, Niemi EC, Vaage JT, Ryan JC. Two structurally related rat Ly49 receptors with opposing functions (Ly49 stimulatory receptor 5 and Ly49 inhibitory receptor 5) recognize nonclassical MHC class Ib-encoded target ligands. J Immunol. 2005 Mar 01; 174(5):2702-11.

Saether PC, Westgaard IH, Flornes LM, Hoelsbrekken SE, Ryan JC, Fossum S, Dissen E. Molecular cloning of KLRI1 and KLRI2, a novel pair of lectin-like natural killer-cell receptors with opposing signalling motifs. Immunogenetics. 2005 Feb; 56(11):833-9.

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