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Catherine Rongey, MD
Assistant Professor

4150 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121

During my time of more than 10 years in demanding healthcare settings, I have served in nationwide leadership functions as well as at the hands-on ground-level clinician end of healthcare. A focus of my work and expertise is on innovative methods and health information technology, particularly telemedicine, to improve access to care.

I utilize a very distinctive organizational science, implementation science and health services research background to move health organizations forward.

* What do I stand for?

I bring a great combination of empathy and collaboration to the table. Change is difficult for most people, and my leadership style is defined by taking this into consideration. I believe it is this empathy and consideration which enables me to act as an effective change agent in various settings.

* Proven Areas of Performance:

-- Driving Health Systems
-- Implementing Change
-- Health Care Access
-- Health System Redesign
-- Thought Leadership
-- Telemedicine
-- Provider Education

Awards and Honors

2013   QUERI Service Directed Proposal, Veterans Health Administration, 2013-2016
2012   KL2, U.C.S.F., 2012-2016
2009   Research Scholar Award, American Gastroenterology Association, 2009-2011

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Recent Articles (13)

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